Vehicle Transfer

Enterprise Offers Vehicle Transfer and Shipping

At Enterprise, we’re happy to transfer any vehicle from one of our locations to the one nearest you – regardless if it’s in another state, city, or even across town.

How Our Vehicle Shipping Process Works

If you see a vehicle you like at a location that isn’t close to you, simply contact your nearest Enterprise Car Sales location. An Enterprise representative will answer any of your questions about the vehicle and explain how the vehicle transfer process works. Once you agree to transfer the vehicle (and pay the listed non-refundable transfer fee, if one applies), we’ll take care of shipping the vehicle for you.

Enterprise Car Sales

Once the vehicle arrives, an Enterprise representative will contact you. The best part: Even if you decide not to buy the vehicle, you don’t have to. There is no obligation to buy it. So feel free to shop nationwide – and find your next vehicle.

Vehicle transfer and shipping is another way Enterprise makes car buying easy for you.