Used Car Pricing FAQs

Research used car prices and factors that impact it, including potential fees.
Used Car Pricing Faqs

Though they may seem like the same thing, there is a difference between car loans and car financing. Car loans are set up directly between you and a bank, finance company or credit union. Conversely, you may apply for financing through a dealership. The dealer will sell your financing contract to a bank, finance company, or credit union, which will service your account. When you meet with one of our trusted Sales Consultants, they will walk you through each factor, so you can make informed and confident choices. 

Enterprise Car Sales offers no-haggle pricing on all vehicles for sale, which make it easy to compare car prices. Our transparent pricing, combined with excellent customer service, puts the customer first and has been the cornerstone of our business for more than 50 years. 

Yes. Enterprise Car Sales makes it easy to apply for financing. We work with a network of lenders to assist in securing financing for you.

At Enterprise Car Sales, we help make the financing process easy. We work with several credit unions to help you secure financing. Learn more about financing options.

A lot of factors come into your car budget, like rent/mortgage, bills, groceries, savings and other household expenses. Visit our Car Payment Calculator to help you estimate your monthly car payments and make an informed decision about how much car you can afford.  

The more money you put down to buy a car, the less you’ll need to borrow and accrue interest on – potentially leading to lower monthly payments and less interest. Visit our Car Payment Calculator to help you estimate your monthly car payments. Enter the amount you want to pay for your car each month and it will help calculate how much you can afford.  

The total for your car tax, title and registration will vary based on the state your vehicle is registered in. Check your local government website for more information on the value of these items. 

The taxable value of your car varies state to state. Call your local dealership and speak to one of our Sales Consultants for the estimated taxable value of your car. 

When you purchase a car out-of-state, fees and taxes are based on the state you reside in, not from where you purchased the vehicle. You may also have to pay a transfer fee. Contact a Sales Consultant for more information. 

If you're purchasing a used car, some fees to consider include:  

  1. Taxes 
  2. Title and registration fees 
  3. Emissions testing and/or state inspection fees 
  4. Transfer fees 
  5. Documentation fees, which is a fee from the dealership to process the car sale. The documentation fee is known by different names in different states. The documentation fee may also be referred to as an administrative fee, dealer application processing fee, dealer conveyance fee, dealer documentary preparation service fee, dealer documentary service fee, dealer processing charge, dealer transfer service fee, delivery and handling fee, document preparation fee, document process charge, documentary fee, documentary preparation fee, documentary service, documentary service fee, documentary service charge, documentation & compliance fee, processing fee, processing service fee and/or service fee. 

If you’re purchasing a new car, you might incur those fees as well, and will need to consider the following additional fees . You will not encounter these additional new car fees when purchasing a used vehicle from Enterprise Car Sales. 

  1. Destination fees 
  2. Car dealer advertising fees 
  3. Dealer preparation fees 
  4. Additional transportation or freight fees 
  5. Extended warranty fees 
  6. Maintenance plan fees 
  7. V.I.N. etching fees 
  8. Financing fees, such as leasing charges 
  9. A.D.M. or A.D.P. fees, which stands for “Additional Dealer Markup” and “Additional Dealer Price” 

No; however, we consistently price our recent-model vehicles lower than the market, making your purchase with Enterprise more cost effective. In fact, 75% of vehicles available through Enterprise Car Sales are priced below the  Kelley Blue Book®  typical listing price. We may also offer promotions and special offers throughout the year. 

No; however, 75% of vehicles available through Enterprise Car Sales are priced below the Kelley Blue Book®  typical listing price. We may also offer promotions and special offers throughout the year.

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