Selecting a Dealer

Compare used car prices and more...  

Selecting a Dealer

Buying a car is the 2nd biggest investment most people make, which means you want to choose a dealer who will be your partner the entire time you own your car. When comparing used car prices, ask these questions of dealers:  

Used Car Prices

Do They Offer Haggle-Free Used Car Prices?

Some car dealers set used car prices high, knowing that there is room for negotiation. Of course, they are going to push for the top used car price they believe you are prepared to pay, which could be different than what they think the person next to you will pay. Other dealers offer a no-haggle price comparison, where everyone pays the same price, which is great because it removes one of the frustrations of buying a car.

Vehicle Certification

Who Certifies The Car?

Some dealers will say their vehicles are certified, but ask them who inspected the vehicle. Compare and make sure it was performed by an ASE-Certified technician.

Return Policy

Do They Offer a Return Policy?

Car prices are important, but return policies are also important because they tell how much the car dealer stands behind the value of their cars and believes in satisfying customers.

Return Policy


A good used car dealer will offer a return policy, allowing you to return the car after your purchase, for any reason, if you so desire.

Protection After the Sale

Does Your Purchase Include a Warranty?

Most late-model, low-mileage used cars carry the balance of their factory warranties. Some dealers even offer additional warranties for added protection. Note that not all warranties are created equal. In addition to used car pricing, compare used car warranties offered by the dealers you are considering.

Do They Offer a Service Contract?

Most used car dealers offer vehicle service contracts that address mechanical repairs either beyond the warranty period or not covered by their warranty. It is important to understand what is or is not covered as programs vary by provider. It is also important that your provider is a reputable and stable company that has nationwide coverage to ensure you have coverage as part of the pricing of your car.

What If You Have a Problem While On The Road?

At some time, we all have problems on the road – whether it’s a flat tire, lost key or an empty gas tank, you’ll need help at some point. Compare and see if your auto dealer provides roadside assistance included in the used car price.

Knowing more about your dealer and how they stand behind the used cars they sell will help ensure you have a better ownership experience.

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