Why Used Vehicles Are a Good Investment

Used Vehicles Depreciate Less

Buying a car is a big investment. New vehicles depreciate much faster than used vehicles. Learn why buying a used vehicle is a better value than buying a new one.
Get the scoop on new car depreciation

Used Rental Vehicles Are Among the Best Values on the Road

Who wouldn’t want to buy a certified used vehicle that has been well maintained and inspected regularly? Learn why buying a used rental car is among the best values on the road.
Learn the value of used rental cars


Tools to Help You Select the Right Used Vehicle

Car Payment Calculator

Enterprise Car Payment Calculator

Not sure how much you can afford? Try our payment calculator for used cars to help you decide the total vehicle price or monthly payment of your next used vehicle.
Try our used car payment calculator

Glossary of Terms to Know While Buying a Used Car

APR, GAP, ASE, NADA - what do they all mean? It can be confusing when an auto dealer throws out acronyms and industry jargon as though it's everyday language. We've compiled a list of key terms that buyers should be familiar with to buy a used vehicle.
Glossary for buying used cars

Test Drive Tip Sheet

Take this on your next test drive. Every vehicle buying experience includes a road test, but what should a used car buyer look for? Review our Used Car Test Drive Tip Sheet before you take your next test drive.
View the used car test-drive tip sheet

Get the Lowdown on Certified Used Vehicles

Learn what questions to ask a used car dealer about certification programs, so you know what they really mean when they say a used vehicle is certified.
Learn more about certified used cars


How to Select a Used Car Dealer

What to Ask a Used Car Dealer Before you Buy

Before determining where to buy a used car or truck, take a look at our tip sheet on what to ask when looking at used vehicles for sale.
Find out what to ask a used car dealer

What to ask a used car dealer before you buy

Prepping Your Used Car for Sale or Trade-In 

Six Easy Steps to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Sale

Preparing your used car for sale or trade-in can really make it stand out from other vehicles for sale. Use this tip sheet to prep your car for sale.
Six steps to prep a used car for sale

Dos and Don’ts of a Used Car Trade-In

How can you get the most on a trade-in for a used car? There are many advantages to trading in your used vehicle. We've developed a list of steps that can help you get the most from your used car trade-in.
Learn how to get the most out of a used car trade-in