Sell a Used Car to Enterprise Car Sales

If you plan on selling a used car or truck to Enterprise, it’s important to know our process for evaluating your vehicle.

We begin by performing a thorough used auto inspection, including taking the vehicle for a test drive. We then look at the condition of the exterior and interior, the engine and transmission, the brakes, the tires, the heating and cooling system, the mileage, and much more.

Next, we run a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report to get more information on the history of the used vehicle. After that, we plug the information into Kelley Blue Book’s® trade evaluator feature to get the used car trade-in value.1

Sell A Used Car to Enterprise

After completing the used vehicle appraisal, we give you a written offer for your auto trade-in value - at which time you can determine if you want to sell a used vehicle to us. There is no obligation and no purchase necessary.

Request a used car trade-in appraisal.