Windshield Protection to Protect Your View The Enterprise Windshield Protection Plan1 makes it easy to get your windshield repaired or replaced. Plus, there is no deductible and the plan is fully transferable. Windshield Protection Plan Benefits Repair of chips or cracks Windshield replacement2 5-year coverage $0 deductibles Transferable to a different vehicle, subject to transfer fee […]


Get Car Theft Protection with LoJack Enterprise is proud to partner with LoJack® to offer our customers protection if they fall victim to car theft. Coverage designed for used vehicles A Stolen Vehicle Recovery System The LoJack system uses GPS technology to help law enforcement locate and return stolen vehicles, often in less than 24 […]


GAP offers peace of mind in a total loss We’ve partnered with Allstate® to offer Enterprise Guaranteed Asset Protection or GAP1. How GAP Works If your car is totaled, and you still owe money on your loan, insurance may not cover the entire amount of your loan. This is where GAP can help: GAP covers […]

Tire & Wheel

Tire and Wheel Plan to Protect Your Tires for Five Years The Enterprise Tire and Wheel 5-Year Protection Plan1 covers the repair and replacement of tires with no deductibles and no limits on mileage or occurrences. Tire and Wheel Protection Plan Benefits Tire and wheel repair and replacement due to road hazards like nails, glass, potholes, […]

Mechanical Repair

Add Enterprise Mechanical Repair Protection Plan to Your Used Car The Enterprise Mechanical Repair Protection Plan1 can help you save money on unexpected repairs and keep your car running smoothly. Coverage designed for used vehicles Exclusionary Coverage Unless a component or system is excluded, it’s covered. Excluded items, like normal wear and tear, will be your […]


Start Your Car Appraisal An important first step in the car buying process is determining your current car’s worth. This helps you decide whether to sell it or trade it in, and plan for your next car purchase. Our Sales Consultants make car appraisals easy with no cost or obligation to purchase. Here’s how our car […]